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“It’s a pleasure to say that Da’Shawn Pretlow is one of the teachers I had the privilege of being a student in his class.  It can be very scary seeing what’s involved in operating a camera and creating your first show. Da’Shawn took away the difficulty in learning it by making you comfortable. That’s what learning is about at MNN.”

~Charlee S. Newman (Travel Professional, Trainer and Producer)

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 “Known as a prolific technology and media educator, Da’Shawn Pretlow transforms the way we see our world. His dedication to excellence allows us to reach higher levels of awareness through his ability to remain personable and professional. I confirm that he is an inspiring leader in the field of broadcast media and technology, committed to social change.”

~Craig Hunter (Educator/Producer)

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“Da’Shawn has a laid back persona but, he is a man on the move. He has a heart for people and he shares of himself willingly, transparently and authentically. No matter who you are Da’Shawn makes you feel like the most important person on the planet when you are in his space. He sees the world through creative eyes and his gift illuminates our lives.”

~Cee Cee H. Caldwell-Miller, (Authentic Wellness Practitioner)