Over 20 Years of His Life Dedicated to Media Training


Meet Da’Shawn Pretlow, Teacher,
Speaker, Coach and Trainer
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Da’Shawn Pretlow got his start in photography and shooting
videos at very early age
, just as he was graduating from
high school.


Our mission is to bring out the embed vision and bring it forth visually on video/film: while focusing on and being dedicated in producing, acquiring and the producing and marketing videos/films. Will inspire, educate, uplift, and entertain audiences of all genres.

Acquires genres and accommodate most budgets for the various global distributions and platforms. This is including theatrical, television, and home entertainment.


I want to do work that inspires me and others every day. I hope to empower the individual so we can create our future.

And of course, have some fun along the way!

Together, we will be able to move mountains and change the world for the better.


The words “Da’Shawn Pretlow” speaks of friendship, fellowship, or partners and mates. Da’Shawn Pretlow is the person whose lives intertwine, who depend on one another, who share values about life together, who see and seek larger truths.  Through the eye of the camera!

 Da’Shawn Pretlow is comprised of a committed professional who has an intense enthusiasm and devotion to film and other visual media, and a desire to work together to tell stories of significance.

Da’Shawn Pretlow seeks to create unforgettable moments that will remind others of his common humanity–to inspire, encourage, comfort, expose, challenge–and to bear witness in his works to the reality, the beauty, the excitement and the mysteries of life.

DaShawn Pretlow-About

Da’Shawn Pretlow aspire to produce films that are a form of art–not merely to entertain, but to provoke emotion and reflection, incite with action, and have long-lasting effects to those who experience them.