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We really like to think that we’ve put together something extremely pretty special here at DaShawn Pretlow, Inc. – an agile Team of expert designers, marketers, and developers with a shared commitment to communication, collaboration, and doing good work. We love what we do, because we make you first.

DaShawn Pretlow-About

Da’Shawn H. Pretlow, CEO

Da’Shawn H. Pretlow, Founder /CEO & Creator of “The Foundation Series 099: The Beginning”

Captain of technology and the creator online training courses for videos and film. Mr. Pretlow keeps DaShawn Pretlow, Inc. fine tuned and on the forefront of Video and Film creations consistently. If your training requires more than just a bit more, you will be glad to have him in your corner.

Mr. Pretlow commands the development efforts at DaShawn Pretlow, Inc. with full authority, handling primary applications development and strategic decision-making surrounding that epic of The Foundation Series 099: The Beginning. His extensive experience in media development and video production allows him to not only seamlessly support our creative efforts, but also to come up with elegant and scalable applications and programs.

He consults network company owners, coaches and trains students in New York and New Jersey, and invests a tremendous amount of time teaching new individuals about the fundamentals of success in the digital world of film.

Mr. Pretlow is keen on taking high-level concepts and creating accessible solutions that are right for our clients’ online video courses and one-on-one training, and budget. He is tirelessly exploring and absorbing information on the newest of technologies to keep Da’Shawn Pretlow, Inc. ahead of not just this curve, but the next one. When he is not flexing his brain muscles at work, Mr. Pretlow is working with 1,000s other clients in and around New York and New Jersey, hanging out with his beautiful cats, Biggie and Goldie, his two cat children and dreaming up ways to make Da’Shawn Pretlow, Inc bigger and better.


Charlee S. Newman, COO

Partner – New York City
New York

A first point-of-contact for many, Charlee works directly with the CEO creating new clients and overseeing the operations day-to-day at DaShawn Pretlow, Inc. to ensure that each relationship starts on a solid footing in the field of Digital Media Training Courses.

As COO, Charlee works in day-to-day operations to help promote a healthy work environment in and around the office-something we’re super grateful for. With a strong background in hospitality, she carries out a belief that the best part of any business really should be how it seeks to develop and nurture relationships with its clients and team. In the tech industry -where most communication is through email- she looks for the opportunities to add a personal touch and build positive connections that ensure a better understanding of needs and expectations.

Charlee joined the team at DaShawn Pretlow, Inc. after spending several years working in a variety of positions including Travel and Hospitality and Customer Service Representative and is presently a Travel Professional. Each step of the way, she developed a stronger attraction for building lasting relationships and helping to deliver great customer experiences. Charlee Owned, Amsterdam NYC a Digital Transcription Service for 13-years. Then she partnered with the corporation, DaShawn Pretlow, Inc. in 2016, where relationships increased and her unique creative experiences are part of her everyday work. Born in Deland, Florida, but she grew up in Summit, New Jersey and holds (3) Associated Degrees in Law; Criminal / Civil / Corporation Law / Contracts and Professional Certification as a Travel Agent, and Hospitality and Tourism Management from New York Ashworth College of New York City.