One On One Training Courses

We’re focused on providing our customer with out of this world training!

– Da’Shawn Pretlow, CEO

Wonderful aspect is our One on One Training Courses. Da’Shawn Pretlow draws an incredibly diverse training, inquisitive group of people who share a passion for telling stories with moving images. One on One Training Courses will include his most inner secrets to siege the moment.

The combination of collaborating One on One Training Courses with the student’s training, diverse cultures and experiences. The shared passion for video and film making our training with each individual is tensely enriching experiences.

You will forge bonds, both professional and personal, which often will extend beyond the training you will receive. You can say that Da’Shawn Pretlow’s One on One Training Courses program will be rewarding, creative and a great experience you could ever have.

At the end of each of the One on One Training Courses, the final films are celebrated.

You can choose from the following:

  •    Introductory Media Training – 60 minute
  •    Intermediate Media Training – 60 minute
  •    Advanced Media Training – 60 minute

Da’Shawn Pretlow Foundation Courses covering pre- and post-production, including lighting, sound, directing, production design and editing. And even the digital video courses if so desired, where you can produce your own shorts.

Da’Shawn Pretlow also offers courses in screenwriting for film and television plus how to pitch those great ideas.