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Da'Shawn Pretlow, Inc., CEO

Da'Shawn Pretlow, Inc., CEO


 Over 20 Years of His Life Dedicated

to Media Training

Meet Da’Shawn Pretlow
Teacher, Speaker
Coach and Trainer


If you want a unique, powerful speaker that will make you look incredible AND get your audience fired up like you’ve never seen them, you might consider booking Da’Shawn Pretlow to be a speaker at your next event. At Speaker Events, Da’Shawn is a master at reading an audience and delivering the perfect message based on what that audience needs.

Da’Shawn has fired up audiences of 100s of 10,000s and can speak on a variety of topics, all with great passion, enthusiasm and from a perspective of achieving some of the most sought after life goals from tough circumstances. Get him to your next Speaker Events!

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  • Da’Shawn speaking style is a mixture of fun and depth. His goal with any event is not just to motivate, but also to inspire people to take ACTION.
  • Da’Shawn really wants his training’s to be entertaining yet be delivered with the purpose of impacting someone’s life directly.
  • This means each person will leave with a solid action plan, not just good feelings.
  • Whether he’s selling or simply delivering value, Da’Shawn brings it home he will Wow the audience!

Are you ready go further than ever before? Than Sign up to Da’Shawn Pretlow’s  Digital Medial Training Courses. Get excited, get excited to learn more and to have a better understanding about digital media.